Eliminate Reflections with Antiglare Lenses

Have you ever experienced blinding reflections in your lenses from oncoming traffic while driving at night? Antiglare, also referred to as an anti-reflective or AR treatment, is specially calculated to eliminate the glare on your lenses and increase the amount of light entering your eye. This is an important safety benefit for driving at night as no-glare lenses reduce annoying reflections and halos around lights. Also, helps with eye fatigue and eye strain.

Reducing glare is beneficial for many reasons. Antiglare lenses improve the cosmetic appearance of your glasses by dampening the reflections that mask your eyes when someone is looking at you, making your eyes look more natural. Better yet, most premium antiglare lenses include a special treatment that makes them easier to clean along with a two-sided scratch protection.

Cleaning Antiglare Lenses

Cleaning your antiglare lenses is easy! Always start with warm water or a cleaner specifically designed for lenses. Don’t ever use window cleaner, soap, or other harsh chemicals as they can damage the lens. Always use a soft, microfiber cloth to dry. Then polish lenses with the provided polishing cloth or peep. Never use facial tissue or paper towel as these materials can scratch your lenses.

Be sure to ask for a demonstration of no-glare lenses during your next visit with us!

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